laboratoire écologie et art pour une société en transition


“We value habitable and liveable spaces for all beings.”

Tony Berrada
UNIGE Professor of Finance at the Geneva Finance Research Institute

Claire de Ribaupierre
PhD, specialised in the field of anthropology, dramaturge, co-creator of artistic projects

Alexander Federau
PhD in Environmental Sciences and Philosophy, MA in Physics from the ETH Zurich, involved for many years in environmental issues

Rodrigo Fernandez
PhD in materials engineering from EPFL, co-founder of Terrabloc (winner of the Prix Sud 2019, sustainable start-up)

Adina Secretan
Choreographer, director, holder of an MA degree in directing (HETSR) and MA degree in modern literature (UNIL), leader of social and community artistic projects

Laurent de Wurstemberger
AAM architect, founder of the LDW architecture studio, co-founder of Terrabloc (winner of the Prix Sud 2019, sustainable start-up)

least thanks Caroline Dayer and Jacques Cordonier for their support and friendship.


“We reclaim the gaps necessary for research.”

Maud Abbé-Decarroux
Architecture / Research

Audrey Bersier

Veronique Ferrero Delacoste
Art Direction and Management

Maxime Gorbatchevsky
Artist-in-residence at least

Lavinia Johnson
Production / Cultural Participation

Hélène Mariéthoz
Writing / Fundraising

Giulia Polenta
Identity / Website

Martin Reinartz
Artist-in-residence at least

Nicole Simon Vermot

Stella Succi x Favilla
Research / Writing

Carlos Tapia

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